General conditions of use green family gift-card


    1. The Gift-Card (hereafter Card, Digital Card or Gift Card) is owned by the person who issues it GREEN FAMILY srls with registered office in Lecce in via Buccarelli, 22, P.I./C.F. 05055050750. The cardholder is simply considered as a custodian of the card.
    2. The Card can be purchased using one of the payment methods accepted by Green Family srls on the website The Card cannot be purchased using other Gift Cards.
    3. Gift Cards purchased on the website are digital cards only.
    4. When purchasing a Gift Card you buy a “credit” equal to the nominal amount of the card purchased. The COUPON that is generated does not necessarily have to be spent at one time and is not associated to a single person / user / account.
    5. The Gift Card is not linked to a specific registry, therefore the remaining credit cannot be viewed.
    6. The Gift Card is intended as a “product” therefore it can be purchased taking advantage of any applicable promotions.
    7. To use the Gift Card you will need to authenticate or register on the website
    8. The Gift Card must be used in the appropriate COUPON and CODES section in the cart and cannot be combined with other promotions.
    9. The Gift Card is valid for ONE YEAR and can be used in multiple solutions up until the initial value. The same payment method used during purchase will be used to refund the nominal value of the card.
    10. A card that has not been used can be returned WITHIN A MONTH from the date of the delivery email from GREEN FAMILY srls to the recipient via the following link click here
    11. Items purchased through the use of the Card on the site will be subject to the terms and conditions of sale indicated on said site.
    12. Upon expiry of the validity, the Card cannot be renewed or used for the purchase of items and the residual value of the Card IS NOT REFUNDABLE.
    13. GREEN FAMILY srls will not be responsible for non-receipt or delay in receiving the digital card by the recipient for reasons of force majeure or within the maximum limits allowed by current legislation, not attributable in any way to GREEN FAMILY srls, such as, by way of example and not limited to: (a) incongruous operation or termination of telecommunication lines and / or systems, (b) slowdown in sending information or data or loss of information or data that may occur for one of the causes indicated in previous point (a), (c) the inaccuracy of the data of the recipient of the digital card provided by the purchaser of the card, (d) the possibility that the e-mail sent by GREEN FAMILY srls is considered spam or junk mail.
    14. Gift Cards obtained by fraudulent and illegal means will be considered ineffective for the purchase of products and the purchase value of the card itself will not be refundable.
    15. The Card may not be used for advertising purposes of products or for the promotion of products or services marketed by third parties unrelated to who issued the Card, except with the prior authorization of the same.
    16. The purchase and / or use of the Gift Card implies full acceptance by the buyer of these general conditions which can be consulted on the website before proceeding with the purchase.
    17. The Gift Card is not intended as a savings or investment tool.