Our aims

Green Family has emerged from our sense of belonging to the family, from our choices in relation to the environment that hosts us and from the enhancement of individuality which is so precious for our community. We wanted to study and create a line of natural products suitable for the whole family that could express the values that we share and transmit to our son Enea every day.

We want the new generations to be more aware of the products they use and the origin of the ingredients. We firmly believe in the role that every individual plays in safeguarding the environment, starting from the family, a source of energy and values, which has the task and responsibility of transmitting the importance of environmental sustainability to future generations.

With our project we want to try to create a better quality of life for our children and grandchildren. As “guests” on this planet we have the task and responsibility of guaranteeing a type of development which can meet the needs of the current generation without, however, jeopardizing this possibility for future generations. We want a balanced ecosystem which allows us to enjoy the beauty of each season of life by choosing the best for us and for our children. What we imagine, what we aspire and want to contribute to, is creating a sustainable society where individuals, communities, institutions and companies thrive within the limits of nature.