Our products

Our products are designed for the whole family and are made with respect for the environment. Each product contains ingredients from organic aloe vera and olive plantations, 100% Made in Italy.

Our line of natural cosmetic products was created to consciously improve the quality of life, to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society. Our products, thanks to their composition of natural and organic ingredients, promote and stimulate the natural functions of our skin and improve the tone by returning positive and beneficial sensations to our sensory receptors: visual, olfactory and tactile.

We really wanted a specific line of natural products for newborns and mothers to take care of their body pre- and postpartum. So we created a line of cosmetic products for children based mainly on Aloe Vera Bio and Oils rich in vitamin E which delicately nourish the skin favoring the creation of a protective layer and increasing skin resistance and elasticity in total naturalness.

Each product has been tested on us, our son and on our wider family to be sure that the products we have created and that we hope you will love too, are coherent with what we claim and believe.