Our values

For us, family is everything, it is the most important value. Our love nest that is based on very important beliefs, which we have built together and which also includes our own families. The family is the place where everything starts, where positive habits generate positive values towards the rest of the world.

From grandparents, uncles and parents to children; every one of them creates experiences, changes and goals, trying to transfer what they believe in, into concrete choices and by doing so strengthen the values of these inter-personal relationships. The values on which our family is based have been passed on to us by our parents and we want to do the same with our son.

Each of our actions and choices depends on the values that are important to us and that accompany us in everyday life. We are the living witnesses of healthy and balanced life choices, based on feeling good, on living well with respect for others and the universe around us. For all this we have chosen to call ourselves Green Family.